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Business trip rice cake making service

-Achievements of rice cake making for over 10 years! ---

-Social media shine with the finest stone mill! ---


Under the production of Yasuhiro Fujihira, who handles all kinds of services such as services at 5 star hotels and high brand parties, parties at corporate offices, services at TV stations, services at outdoor events, etc. We have a large number of staff who can flexibly respond to customer's request while valuing the style with abundant achievements and experience.

Basically, we are a service contractor, but we have a catering company that can introduce you to each event as mentioned above, and we also have drinks for catering using our products, so feel free from your budget, scene, etc. Please contact us. Experienced staff will propose the most suitable service for your company.

-Please contact us at such times-

・ I want to hold an exchange meeting after the seminar at the seminar venue, but I don't know how to set up.

・ I want to prepare tall and good-looking staff for important guests and escorts at important events.

・ I want to prepare staff who are thinking about catering in the office and who understand business etiquette.

・ I would like to have staff who can speak foreign languages ​​and can serve drinks and food.

・ I want to serve coffee, tea, and organic tea between shoots.

・ I want to provide a catering service that is a bit different from the others.

・ Since customers do not drink much alcohol, we would like to enhance the variety of soft drinks.

・ I am dissatisfied with the catering company that I often use.

etc ...

For inquiries, please contact us from CONTACT.

Yasuhiro Fujihira Profile

From the idea that "the basis of all work is customer service"

From luxury hotels, restaurants, high-brand exhibitions to office get-togethers

Experience service in every situation.

Its ability is highly evaluated

Japan National Team / Premier League Newcastle affiliation (as of the first year of Reiwa)

At the wedding ceremony of Yoshinori Muto's older brother, he is active in various fields such as being nominated directly as a staff member.

Currently, he has formed a service team while working to develop juniors by making use of his experience.

We are expanding the field of activity in partnership with various catering companies.

Requests to our service staff

Those who want to work as a staff

Please contact CONTACT first.

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