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It features a gorgeous scent and an elegant spiciness that are not found in domestic products.

Its quality is such that it is used at parties such as Hermes, Chanel and Gucci.

It activates blood flow, adjusts the condition of internal organs, and has a great effect on the coldness of the coming summer heat and air conditioner!

It is easy to use and lasts for a long time, so you can use it for tea or miso soup in your daily life. It can be used as it is for the hidden taste of curry and for grilling ginger! !!

Ginger cookies for Christmas are very popular, so make a reservation early! * The photo shows fresh ginger.

Organic Ginger Powder 100g / Organic Ginger Powder 100g

SKU: 364215376135191
¥1,980 Regular Price
¥1,490Sale Price
  • We keep the packaging to a minimum because of our environmental friendliness and our belief that we want to offer good products to everyone at the lowest possible price. We recommend that you prepare a separate storage container for items with a strong scent. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

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