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A bath salt that is particular about organic and natural ingredients.

In Europe and the United States, we use luxuriously the quality mugwort powder used for supplements and the highest concentration CBD crystal powder with a general distribution price of ¥ 18,500.

2 patterns with 5pc and 15pc.

It is individually wrapped in a non-woven fabric pack, and one pack is put in a home bath (~ 200ℓ standard) and lightly rubbed before use.

CBD content is 250 mg (50 mg per pc)

No fragrances are added, so it has a natural scent that can be soaked for a long time.
It is recommended to take a slow bath for 20 to 30 minutes to percutaneously absorb CBD.

Environmentally friendly biomass package.

The actual market price is assumed to be ¥ 2,000 to ¥ 4,000.

Currently, we are only responding to requests from shops.

Organic CBD & HERB BATH Tokyo Blend -YOMOGI- CBD and mugwort bath salts

¥3,500 Regular Price
¥2,780Sale Price
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