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Many people have the concept that "domestic production is good for things that enter the body" and "domestic production is safe".

However, the fact that Japan is so different in fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, supplements, and organics is a reality that cannot be turned away.

We have succeeded in importing the products of National Exports Prv Ltd certified by USDA (US organic standard) and EUROPA Organic Farming (European organic standard), which are stricter than Japanese organic standards, for the first time in Japan. We have decided to offer it at a price that is close to our daily lives.

As one of the things that people living in Japan, which is a crucible of trade, choose according to their own sensibilities, such as "cars are made in Germany, clothes are made in Italy", of course, "organic products of Yapone sound for health". We will do our best to get you picked up like this. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yapone Sound GK

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