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"Yomogi powder" has been added to the popular 100% organic series, which is "at an affordable price with higher quality than domestic products". It is cultivated without pesticides in the abundant land, and the moxa is removed from the carefully hand-picked mugwort to make it an easy-to-use powder. This is Japan's first imported product from developed countries such as supplements, medical care, and organic products. The deep taste is suitable for making sweets and cooking, and it can also be used as a YOMOGI steamer or bath salt due to its reliable quality. Since 1000g or more of wormwood is used to make 100g of powder, it is more effective than the dry leaf type.

Organic Mugwort Powder 100g / Organic Mugwort Powder 100g

¥1,980 Regular Price
¥1,450Sale Price
  • We keep the packaging to a minimum because of our environmental friendliness and our belief that we want to offer good products to everyone at the lowest possible price. We recommend that you prepare a separate storage container for items with a strong scent. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

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