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"Lemongrass powder" has been added to the popular 100% organic series, which is "at an affordable price with higher quality than domestic products". Lemongrass cultivated in abundant land without pesticides is made into an easy-to-use powder. This is Japan's first imported product from developed countries such as supplements, medical care, and organic products. We use more than 1000g of lemongrass to make 100g of powder. Packaging is simple due to the price and organic beliefs, but please understand that we would like as many people as possible to pick it up. Lemongrass is an herb that also appears in Indian medicine Ayurveda. There are so many positive effects on women that it can be said that they are herbs for women! By making it into powder, it has an elegant and mellow flavor, and even if you eat it as it is, it can be easily applied to confectionery and cooking.

Organic Lemongrass Powder 100g / Organic Lemongrass Powder 100g

¥1,980 Regular Price
¥1,490Sale Price
  • 弊社は環境への配慮と皆様に良い商品を少しでも安く提供したいという信念から梱包は最低限にさせていただいております。香りの強いものなどは別途で保存容器の用意などを推奨しております。御迷惑をおかけしますが、宜しくお願い致します。

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